Silicone Pole Cleaner


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Designed for Silicone 'Toys', this pole cleaner is incredible on Silcone poles.

You cannot use metho, water/soap, or other hoursehold cleaning agents on silcone, partly due to the eccets on the silicone, but also as you need to take care to protect the pole underneath.

For gentle, hygienic cleaning of articles of use – materials sensitive to alcohol such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone, and leather are not affected.
Reduces odour and removes bacteria and fungi. pjur Toy Clean is exclusively intended for application on articles of use / utensils.

Dermatologically tested - neutral smell. Application: spray & then wipe off excess.

FOR USE ON SILICONE POLES ONLY - do not use this on any other pole finish or you may damage the finish over time.

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