The X-PERT and X-SPORT sets come with a 125mm and a 250mm extension piece included.

  1. Firstly you need to know which set you have purchased. Check your order, or use this Blog to help figure out which model you have :)
  2. Measure your ceiling in mm's then find your height, using the correct chart for your model pole (found below)
    PLEASE use mm's to measure - there is 25mm difference in each inch, so feet and inches is not a very accurate way to measure and that can mean the difference between needing an extension and not. This is very important as we do not refund shipping on incorrect purchases.

Note: that for heights over 3370mm/11ft it is compulsory to use a fixed ceiling mount, found here: Ceiling Mounts

Height Chart: XPERT Pole Sets NX XX

Height Chart: SPORT Pole Sets NS XS

Height Chart: X-PERT Pro Pole Sets PX

Height Chart: XPERT Pro with Home Mount PX

Height Chart: X-PERT Pole Sets NXN