There are many people behind the X-POLE brand in Australia.

As one of Australia's largest Pole companies, we are actively involved in supporting the pole community locally & up & coming dancers across the country.


X-POLE is run in Australia by Dance4me Pty Ltd. The company was established as the official distributor for X-POLE products in 2005. We have an office admin team, an offsite warehouse, a technical support / workroom & a sales department looking after key accounts.

We sell online through & through a network of local pole studios & resellers. This is one way we support local pole studios, as they are able to make revenue through selling directly to their students, rather than just attracting commision or afflilate fees. If you buy through your local pole school you are supporting their business & the growth of your local pole community.

Vertical Leisure in the UK are the manufacturers & designers of the X-POLE product.


In order to support local talent, we set up our Ambassador programme. We were the first in the world to set up this initiative & are proud to say that we are actively looking for new ideas to support Australian polers.