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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Technical Support Videos

Welcome to our Technical Support FAQ page. Here, you'll find answers to common questions and links to our technical support videos to assist you with your X-Pole products.

X-Pole Technical Support Videos

The Difference Between the X-Pert & Sport Pole

 Watch Video - Discover the key differences between our X-Pert and Sport Poles.

Pole Maintenance

Watch Video - Learn essential maintenance tips to keep your pole in top condition.

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Using X Pole

Q - What should I wear?

Pole exercise and dance moves require friction between skin and the pole. Therefore, the more exposed skin, the better. Shorts and a crop top are ideal, a bikini for the more daring. However, it is important to feel comfortable, so wear what you feel comfortable wearing, even if you may not be able to do some of the moves due to a lack of friction. X-Pole has a range of suitable pole exercise and dance clothes on the website. Our new silicone finish poles allow you to pole without the need for bare skin, so with these poles, you can wear leggings, long sleeve tops, jumpers - even a three-piece suit if you felt like it - the costume possibilities are endless now!

Q - Does the X-POLE spin?

The X-Pert sets and the X-Stages can be changed between spinning and static. The Sports poles are the only static-only poles.

Q - What is the pole made of?

Our poles now come in a wide variety of finishes - including chrome, stainless steel, brass, powder-coated, and silicone. Everyone has their own preference with the finish, and different finishes have different grip factors, which are listed below:

  • Chrome - grip factor 6
  • Stainless Steel - grip factor 6
  • Brass - grip factor 8
  • Powder Coated - grip factor 9
  • Silicone - grip factor 10

Q - What finish pole should I purchase?

Finish is a very personal preference, with each poler preferring one finish more for different reasons. For beginners, we recommend purchasing the same finish and width (or as close to) as what you are used to in your studio. As you become more advanced, we recommend trying different widths and finishes so that you can swap over for competitions and workshops.