X-POLE is the safest removable, portable dance pole on the market. 

After 15 years of extensive R&D X-POLE has released it's patented X-JOINT technology, which offers superior join strength, better engineered joins than any other multi-piece pole on the market.

We are the number one selling brand world-wide, and in Australia. National and International champions endorse our brand, Pole studios teach on our poles & we are the number one product sold by Australian pole studios. They are confident in our product, and you can be too.

You need to know that there are zero safety standards in Australia for poles. Companies & products claiming to have ratings and meet 'Standards', are trying hard to sell you on safety - but many of those products have caused polers permanent, serious injuries. For more information on pole safety click here

dancing pole for home

Buying a quality pole is an investment.

You want a pole that will take you on your journey from beginner to advanced superstar; you want it to be robust, safe & dependable; and you want it to be height-adjustable so if you move home, you don't have to say goodbye to the investment you've made in your equipment. Our poles are fully height-adjustable, with a range of extensions coming standard in the kit. If you're one of the lucky 1in 4 people with super-high ceilings - we have extensions available. Complete peace of mind.

Spinning & static in one, our poles are available in your favourite width, your favourite finish, and we have stock on hand here in Sydney, so you can (in most cases) have your pole the same week you order it. Check out our range of dance poles for home here

Want a pole right now, today? No problems - check out our list of stockists here - most of our Stockists offer lessons too, so if you want to learn - these are the places to go.

Be confident in your choice of pole:

  • X-POLE is the most trusted and used brand by world renowned artists and athletes.
  • Engineered to the highest standard and developed for beginners as well as professionals.
  • The most robust and safe portable pole & aerial equipment in the world.
  • Preferred supplier of choice to competitions around the globe, as well as Cirque Du Soleil.xjoint2.jpg

Featuring some of the most advanced engineering you’ll find anywhere in the world of exercise and dance, X-POLE has been developed in consultation with leading dancers & aerialists, to meet the demands of professional pole dancing & advanced aerial art form.

Originally an F1 engineer concept - our products are constantly refined and tested year on year for superior performance. Our patented join type (X-JOINTS) are superior to any screw thread join in strength and design, making our products the best choice for home & commercial use.

X-POLE is at the forefront of pole & aerial innovation, releasing products specifically designed for users of all levels who want to excel in the art of pole and aerial dance. This has been done through constant & rigorous testing as well as involving dancers of all levels to provide input on the development process of X-POLE products.

Want more information on how to ensure you buy a safe pole? Click here

Aerial Equipment

Have you ever marvelled at performances where artists seem as though they float in mid-air with silks, hoops and hammocks? Now you too can learn the art of aerial dance using X-POLE’s A-FRAME from the comfort of your own home!