Checking over your new Pole

So the awkward, uncomfy conversation that has to be had. Pole quality control. 

Our X-POLE factories have seen unprecedented demand this year. Not only have they more than doubled production for Australia, but also for every larger market. The USA, the UK, Europe... they have gone from fulfilling a normal annual demand, to double if not triple the supply (and we all want our poles yesterday!). 

In thinking about the logistics of increasing manufacturing, we are talking not only ordering sourcing & supply of key materials, but also we are talking staffing, training & labour supply... in addition to getting transit / freight bookings. It has been a massive year for our factories with a huge increase in pressure to get orders out the door. 

As with any manufacturing, when you increase to triple the production levels in a short space of time, you need to keep an eye on quality. X-POLE has one of the most stringent quality control processes in the world of pole manufacturing, however humans are involved, and part of human behavior, is human error. 

A perfect example is a customer that recently ordered a 45mm Black Silicone from us, opened her set & inside the box was a 45mm Powder-coated Pink pole. The box labels clearly got muddled. It wouldn't happen with robots. But given the volume of orders going out, a human sitting there thinking about his lunch, gets muddled & sticks the wrong sticker on a box. It happens. 

So why this post?
We need to talk about what you should look for in a new product, what to do if you find something out of the ordinary or an imperfection & how we will look to find a solution for you. Everything has a solution! 

Firstly - we know it's exciting to get your delivery - but please don't rip the boxes. If you change your mind or need to return a part you will need to have it in it's original packaging. HOT TIP: for product returns (e.g. change of mind) we do not except them if they aren't in their packaging. Please be careful. 

Pole sets (we will cover stages & Aframes etc in another post): 

When you first open your pole set take the contents neatly out of the box & check the parts over. You will find your x-joints and top inserts inside your extensions. 

Your instructions will be on top of the cardboard sleeve covering the molded carton cradling your new pole. 

The next step after reading your instructions, is something you should do the first time and EVERY time you pop your pole up - check your parts. 

Starting at the top. Pick up your dome, check the silicone is clean, if not use a baby wipe to clean it. Check the underside of your dome. Give your dome a shake, you shouldn't hear any rattling or major noises. The bearings are neatly housed and will not need greasing, so all you need to do is check the alignment & are they straight (you can use your finger but please don't get it stuck lol) there should be nothing loose & your top insert should easily slide in / out of the bearings. 

Your top insert will usually have rubber o rings. They are not essential. If they come off just throw them away. This will not affect the use or safety of the product :) Do not stress, do not cry... its a little bit of rubber - all ok! :)

Your pole tubes - this is super important especially if anyone drops one of your tubes on a hard surface, or they are left loose in your storage bag: check for any rough bits or scratches or 'dings'. This is also important when you first get your pole. Again it's highly unusual, but check for any tiny imperfections in the FEEL of your pole. Not spots or blemishes (they are aesthetic & don't affect the use of the pole), we are checking for any rough bits. Again it is super unusual, rare & unlucky to get a little rough bit, but we need to know, as we don't want you using something that's not silky smooth. 

Your joints - open and close them before popping them in your pole tube. Sometimes they can be a little stiff and you may need to 'crack them' (think cracking your knuckles)... you just use the tool provided & open close them. You want them evenly closed (on both sides) before popping them into your pole tube. 

Your base & adjuster unit - essential!! 
Please READ the section in your manual about the adjuster unit. Make sure you ONLY ever tighten your adjuster screws if your keyhole is lined up with the red line, or you will totally stuff up the adjuster rod thread - meaning your pole will not adjust up or down. This is sooooo important & critical to remember when you are taking your pole down to store it as well. 

Your base should have a little 'wobble' in it. The technical term is 'articulation' which is a fancy way of saying if you have uneven floors your base will lock in on the correct angle. 

Once you have checked all the above you are good to go! Do these checks every time you reinstall your pole. 

If you happen to find anything that you are worried about on your new or older set, please contact us with pictures at We don't do returns or warrnty by Facebook or Insta, so please email to speed up the process. 

We have spare parts here 90% of the time or if it's a less common issue, we will work to find a solution for you until we get the part you need sent from the factory.  

Sometimes we will suggest a video call with Toby J the Pole Dr. If it turns out the issue is a warranty issue, we will usually cover the cost of Toby's video call with you. If it ends up turning out that you have accidentally damaged your pole, or just not read the instructions, then we talk about it. Most issues can end up being resolved if we are notified straight away (as per our Terms of Sale), and if we follow a process to work out what the issue is :)

Click here for more information on our Warranty & Returns