Buying a pole second hand... what do you need to look for?

Buying a pole second hand... what do you need to look for?

We have many, many calls from girls who have purchased poles second-hand & then need parts or help with how to install them. Most of the time we can help, but there are definitely some things you need to know if you are considering a pre-loved X-POLE vs brand new.


1 Model Type

We have not made or sold screw thread X-POLEs for many years. If you’re not sure which type / model of pole you have – please read this other blog post first. 

If it’s a model that’s been discontinued, then it’s likely the parts have been discontinued by the factory, and we may not have them in stock. Once you know the model of the pole you’re considering, your ceiling height, and which parts the seller is including in the sale, we can confirm via phone or email if parts are still available that you may need.
Current models are PX, NX, NS & NST03. Older models are XP, XST, XX, XS & NST02


2 The Condition

You need to take into consideration that not all people treat their equipment with care. It’s especially important if you’re buying a pre-loved pole online, to find out as much as possible before you go to collect.

History: Ask how many years they have had the pole. Did they buy locally from us or from a Reseller? If it was from us, and they are willing to give you authority to ask about their order, we can generally track orders in our system (post 2012 sales only), and we can tell them (or you) more about the model, how old the pole is & if we still carry parts/extensions in that model type. Also, a great idea to ask the seller how many times the pole has been moved, either from house to house or cities.

Usage: Did the pole stay up the entire time, or was it stored in the shed & brought out occasionally for special occasions. Was the pole ever dropped (especially important for chrome & powder-coated poles). Did they train at a pole studio & use it for intensive moves, or was it a gift that was never used? Get the seller talking and chat about pole, but use it as an opportunity to really find out about the history of the pole you’re looking to bring home.

Make sure if they live in a coastal or humid area that you ask about rust spots. Also ask where it’s been stored & the climate, ask if there are any issues they are aware of with the set & about any deep scratches which leads me to our next set of things to query:


3 Damage & Missing / Spare Parts

Here is a list of things that are critical for you to check:

Set contents: should match the picture below - ask them to put all the parts out so you can easily check all parts are included (you can email pictures to us to check :)



The dome: is it dented, does it still have its clear silicone intact, and does it still have its bearings in place? We had one customer contact us as her dome was missing bearings – see below pictures. 

Your dome should have fixed bearings that are level with the edge of the dome. 

The good news is that if in doubt, you can easily replace the dome with a new one or a permanent (fixed) ball mount. We have these in stock and they are available for all model X-POLEs.

Dome missing bearings - NOT OKDome as it should look 


The adjuster rod: on any model it is critical to know if the pole’s adjuster rod is damaged. This is how you adjust the height, but also how you take the pole up & down. If the thread on the adjuster is damaged it is likely you will not be able to use the pole. If the adjuster can be wound in & out completely then the adjuster should be fine. However, if on the XX or NX models the screws are closed in onto the thread, it may be near impossible to ‘re-thread’ your adjuster rod without going to an engineering shop or purchasing a new A-pole. We have very few adjuster rods (bought as a complete new A-pole) for the XX & XS models. NX or PX models are fine, we have stock. We do not have any adjuster rods for XP models.


The base:
the large XP bases often had bearings that remained attached to the base, while the main B-Pole was detached. If you are missing these bearings they are no longer available. See picture below of large base with no bearings.
XP sets often had a semi-cone shaped width adapter that attached to the top of the bearings or the bottom of the B-pole, to transition between the 50mm width of the lower bearings & the width of the main pole tubes. If the XP model pole is a 42 or a 45mm width & is missing this adapter or the lower bearings then you will be unable to use the set, as these parts are no longer available. 

Smaller bases were launched on the XX model & are still used on the NX sets & in studios. They are meant to ‘wobble’, ie they are designed to articulate so that if you have an uneven floor they will still lock in at the correct angle (so your dome can sit flush to the ceiling). 

If the shaft on the base doesn’t move at all, then it may be damaged & you may need a new base. The good thing is that the bases will work across all spinning models (XP*, XX, NX), so if you lose your base or need one we have them in stock. *new style bases will fit an XP pole only IF you still have the lower bearings. If not, they won’t fit. 

Bear in mind PX models & NS sports poles use a completly different style of base.

When you are looking at the bases, check that the dents (cutout /  flat parts) on the shaft on the base are not damaged or warped, and that they are in line with the little X on the base - as this can cause your pole not to lock, or if the shaft is not in good order it can damage your lower bearings & can even pull them out, which can be expensive to repair.

XP - large baseXX or NX base


XP model joins were screw thread & welded to the pole. You should check for any damage: chipping, scratches, dents where the pole may have been dropped. Also check that the joins screw together smoothly.
Note: Most fake poles & copycat products are screw-thread design, so before buying ANY screw-thread join pole – send us photos so we can confirm if the pole is safe for use. Imitation poles often push-fit the screw-thread to the pole tube & just chrome over the top to hide the fact that there are no welds.

XP screw-threadXJ - original X-JointNJ - current joint (2017)

XX, XS, NS, PX & NX joins – these use a specialised expansion joint called an X-Joint. They are a specific patented technology that is unique to X-POLE. Older style XJ joints had a circle pin in the centre (from XX & XS models), new joints (PX, NX & NS models) have an oval centre pin. Read more about that here

Check that the x-joints open & close evenly on both sides & that the internal screws aren’t rounded out. Also check that the centre pin is firmly in place. All sets using X-Joints should come with 3 x-joints. They will range in length, but if in doubt ask us. 

We no longer have older XJ joints, but we do have some adapter joints. NJ (for newer & current stock) are usually in stock & available immediately.

Before ordering extensions or new joints please call us to ensure you’re ordering the correct part.


If in doubt about any of the above, send us photos & ask us. 

Also remember, even if you’re inspecting a pole at time of collection, its ok to say no to the purchase. It’s your safety and a pole is really an investment, no different to a quality bike, car or appliance. If you’re not sure it works or that it’s not in great condition, hold out for another seller. 

We also have interest-free purchase options & AfterPay coming soon, so if its a 'money thing', remind yourself that injury costs more than a quality pole, so either hold out for quality second-hand that you are confident using, an ex-demo set, or save & buy new.


Also remember new & used fakes are often sold as X-Pole poles, not because people are all dodgy, but because many copycat products come with X-POLE DVDs, and instruction manuals that use our old images. 

Girls that have these poles often have been given them as presents & so they ‘think’ it’s an X-POLE but very often it’s not. For more info on fakes click here. We do not recommend any imitation X-POLE as safe as our team has done the hard yards on R&D, and cutting corners to bring the price down does not make a piece of equipment that safely lasts you years.

NOTE: X-POLE Australia, Dance4me Pty Ltd, X-POLE international, affiliates, distributors, staff & resellers take no responsibility for products sold second hand, or not purchased new through an authorised stockist. If you choose to buy pre-loved it is at your own discretion and we recommend you exercise extreme caution in thoroughly checking the set before purchase & before use. If you need clarification on this, please see our terms of trade, or call our office during business hours.

Call us or email us if you need any information on any of the above, on parts, or if you need instruction manuals - we're here to help!