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 The X-JOINT (NJ) is for connecting  NX, NS, NST or NE extensions & sets purchased after 1st April 2014


 In a 40mm set the 200mm joint is cropped. In a 45mm set the 180mm joint is cropped. If you are using ANY extension shorter than a 200mm - you will need to use your 'cropped' extension. These Cropped (shorter at one end) X-Joints have one half longer than the other & is marked with an arrow (on the shorter end), when used, this must be installed at the top of the pole with the arrow pointing upwards.

X-Pole leads the way in Pole Technology 

The X-Joint (Patent Pending) is a revolutionary tube joint developed after 2 years of consultation and testing with the worlds best dancers and instructors 

The project had been to design a quick, easy to install pole joint with hi-stability and rigidity and most importantly strength. X-Joint 100% meets all those requirements and more.

Now, after years of fighting to do up and undo screw together joints, X-Joint tube assembly takes seconds not minutes. It creates a stronger more rigid joint between the tubes with less pole flex and eliminates any possibility of tube to tube rotation or joints coming undone, as they do with screw joints, with opposite rotation moves.

Even better they release really easily, no more fighting to undo the tubes like with screw joints, X-Jointed pole tubes have zero transition (no gap or edge) between the joints even when the pole is flexed which has been and still is the problem with other insert type pole joints.

Simple to use, the X-Joint simply slides into each pole tube and is quickly locked in place with a Hex key, making pole assembly and disassembly a dream experience. The dancers that have been testing X-Joint poles would not use  anything else now.

X-Joint is a Revolution in pole technology. 

Once again X-Pole leads the way.


X-Joint is now included in all new X-Poles and Stages (NX, NS and NST ranges)


***IMPORTANT*** - This is an NJ X-Joint, for use with pole sets and extensions purchased from X-Pole Australia after 1st April 2014, that have a code beginning NE, NS, NX or NST. The new NJ style X-Joint features an extended key that replaces the old center pin to ensure the X-Joint stays locked securely in place.

 If you require an X-Joint for a pole set or extension purchased prior to April 2014, please contact X-Pole Australia support at sales@x-pole.com.au


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