X-JOINT Adaptor (Key to Pin) (NJA)

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The X-JOINT adaptor for connecting your XS or CX style extension to an NS, NX or NST set.


The picture above shows an NJ style 'Key' X-Joint on the left. On the right is the X-Joint adaptor, which is what you are purchasing here. It has an elongated key at the bottom, however the top half has been rounded off into a circular pin, just like the old X-Joints. This is so that you can use the elongated key end in the tube from your NX, NS or NST set, and the rounded off pin end in the tube of your XS or CX extension. 

***IMPORTANT*** - Only purchase this product if you are certain that you need an adaptor X-joint, or if you have been advised by our sales team, as we do not refund shipping for incorrect purchases. 

For queries please contact our support team at: sales@x-pole.com.au


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