Vaulted BALL MOUNT- Compatible w/ ALL X-PERT sets

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If you have a slanted/peaked ceiling, you can use the vaulted ball mount, however, after a 20 degree angle it is not recommended as the bearings can become damaged.

Vaulted Ball mount for can be used for 40mm, 45mm or 50mm X-Pole's.

Comes in silver or gold coloured finish so you can match to your pole (pictured in silver colour). Choose the silver colour if you have a chrome, stainless, powder coated or silicone pole. Choose the gold colour if you have a brass pole.

Will work for the 40mm, 45mm or 50mm diameter pole. Ball mount is permanent and needs to be drilled into a stud/beam or fixed to truss.
Screws are not included so you will need to purchase 4 screws that work for the surface that it is being mounted to.
Mount replaces the ceiling dome. Pole can be disassembled as needed or stored on the ceiling if used with PoleAway system. 
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