CX (NE) Extensions - compatible with NST stage poles

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 Extensions for X-POLE X-PERT CX POLES 

Please be careful to choose the correct metal & joint type - these are NE model CX extension - compatible with NEW X-Stages purchased after April 2014 (NST model).


If the length you need is not available please choose the next closest option or contact the sales team to see if we can supply you with a regular CX model extension with adaptor - sales@x-pole.com.au

You can also purchase these extensions to make your X-Stage pole shorter:

The X-Stage insert pole comes in two halves, the A-Pole & B-Pole, each 1500mm in length. If your ceiling height is too short to allow a full 3 metre long pole to stand up, you can either cut the B-Pole shorter, or purchase a separate CX-grade extension piece to replace the B-Pole and store the unused B-Pole for later use. 

To work out what extension length you require, you need to calculate:

Your floor to ceiling height in mm* - 1500mm length of A-Pole - 200mm clearance = allowable length of B-Pole in mm. 

*The insert pole inserts all the way to ground, so we use floor to ceiling, not top of stage to ceiling.

CX extensions come in varying lengths from 600mm up to 1500mm, however we do not carry every length in each width and finish, so go with the length that is the closest but LESS than what you need (if you get a longer extension it may be too high to fit under your ceiling!).

So for example, let's say I have a ceiling that is 2740mm:

2740mm - 1500mm - 200mm = 1040mm is the maximum allowable length of B-Pole

So 1040mm is the longest length the B-Pole or CX grade extension can be and still fit under my ceiling. In this example I could purchase a 1000mm, 900mm, 800mm, 700mm or 600mm CX grade extension for my stage. I would then find the closest length available out of these options in my width and finish to purchase. Note that not all lengths are available in each width and finish - select the options above to see if your chosen length is available.

To work out the total useable length of your stage pole with your chosen CX extension piece, just add the 1500mm length of A-Pole to the CX grade extension length, then minus the stage height off. 

Stage heights are: 320mm for Podium and 110mm for Lite base.

So for the example above, with my 2740mm high ceiling, if I purchased a 900mm extension piece and used it in a Lite base, I would have:

1500mm + 900mm - 110mm = 2290mm of useable pole length.


If you are still unsure on how to work out CX extension length for X-Stages or have any other queries, please contact us at: sales@x-pole.com.au

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