Gah - how do I plan my pole room?? Will my pole fit?

So after starting pole dance classes, the purchase of your first pole is a pretty exciting project. Will you have a dedicated pole room, or are you going to try and squeeze your pole in next your bed so your flatmates don't stare at you every time you're practicing your inverts...? It's exciting, fun but can require a little planning. So in order to help you all - here's a link to a 'Pole Room Planner' that you can use to work out exactly how you can maximise your space.

We've included some basic furniture in standard sizes, but those of you who (like us) like to get nerdy - you can use the scale to make up teeny-tiny versions of your own furniture and map out your space.

Start by measuring up your room and mark it out on the square using the scale at the bottom of the page. The square represents a 10m square room, so unless you are super lucky, you will need to adjust this part first. Once you get the space mapped out it's just a matter of cutting and pasting your 'essential' furniture, and of course your pole :)

Indicated on the pole picture is the minimum recommended space, but we understand every home is different (and some people get really good at tucking their legs when they pass the couch lol), so have a bit of fun with the Pole Planner & send us feedback if you find it useful?