EVERYTHING you need to know about buying a Brass Pole!

In Australia we love our brass poles - Here's Why..

*Brass is awesome because it DOES NOT rust

*Great finish for warmer & humid climates

*Brass handles sweat the best

*Brass is the most porous metal so it offers the best grip-this is why we love it

Your Brass pole can & probably will at some stage tarnish. As it ages, brass can change from its beautiful gold shine and become dull as it begins to oxidize when exposed to oxygen.

Don’t Panic! – Its completely normal!!

Oxidized brass is typically blackish, green or blue, and in some cases harden like a crust over the surface of the brass commonly mistaken for 'rust'. This coating typically flakes off and can be removed revealing the shiny brass surface you remember. The oxidation process allows the brass to create a protective coating, called patina, on its exteriors to prevent further. Corrosion or damage. Brass can also begin this process during in transit, in storage and of course just over time. So don’t worry it’s NOT rust, it won’t destroy the metal like rust can.

We generally don’t see this happen to the studio poles because they have such high traffic because the poles are being used multiple times a day everyday for hours - students essentially keep the poles ‘polished’

None of X-Poles Brass poles have ANY sort of coating or sealer on them, If they did it would take away the best characteristics that we love most about our brass poles- GRIP!


We recommend using un-diluted methylated spirits to clean your pole before, during & after training. Spray onto a microfibre cloth -not spraying directly onto the pole - easy!


Simply use a brass polish. We recommend Mr Buff which can be found at Bunnings, however if the metal polish specially says for use on 'brass' there many different options. We recommend you try to use a cutting compound or a cream polish rather than a liquid or oil-based polish such as Brasso. However, if you do use one of these be sure you wipe down your pole with a dry cloth thoroughly after polishing or use methylated spirits as per the instructions above, to remove any excess residue potentially left on the pole.

It may be easier for you to take down the pole and separate all the pole tubes to polish. This will make it easier to polish but also will ensure you don't get any polish inside the X-Joints and in the adjuster rod 


Please read before assembly, as these are important instructions to take into consideration before installing your new Brass X-POLE.

As per our Terms & Conditions all pieces in your set must be checked within 48hours of receiving your pole. Failure to do so may affect any warranty claim.

Our recommendation is to check each piece individually before you begin assembling your pole as Brass can bow if not handled well in freight. We suggest you roll each piece individually along a level/flat surface to see fi there are any extreme bends on either ends of the tubes. If this is not done prior to assembly and there is a bow in your pole pieces, installing your pole may cause damage to your bearings. Please take photos or videos and notify our team ASAP if there are any issues after checking your pieces BEFORE assembly.

Brass is a slightly softer, more porus metal than steel but this is one of the reasons if offers such a good gripping surface. Be gentle when installing brass as if you over tighten X-Joints and over extend your adjuster; to much pressure can cause bowing in your brass tubes. This would be a user error not a manufacturing fault.

PLEASE NOTE;- Not all structures are suitable for a removable pole and this can affect the performance of the pole eg. It’s spin. This is not something X-POLE has any control over as the pole can only perform as well as the environment in which it is installed allows.

Sometimes your removable pole wont always be suitable for use in the space you originally intended to put it, you may have to try another spot- This is out of X-POLE’s control. Be guided by your instruction manual. If unsure call or email us at sales@x-pole.com.au - we are here to help :)