Are you dancing on a fake pole - how can you tell?

Did you know that on one page of eBay alone there have been over 2900 fake / imitation poles sold within Australia? One seller (Powertrain) has sold over 1000 sets.

We estimate that as many as 30% of polers that 'think' they have a safe X-POLE product, are actually using a fake.

Every day we get calls from girls wanting an extension for their screw-thread pole. They are usually pretty upset to hear it's a fake - they always say "but it came with the X-POLE DVD?". Sorry - nope - fake.

Boyfie wants to support his girl in her new hobby, goes online and buys a pole. It looks the same, has the same pics as the X-POLE site - it even has a rating of 300kgs. Super sturdy looking. Fancy photography. Just to be sure, he calls them or messages the seller "yes it's same as XPOLE. Same factory. Just DFO". Right. sold! $120- is a bargain. 

Pole is delivered. Poler puts it up, manual is a bit dodgy but KT Coates is in it - pictures make sense, so far so good. DVD has X-POLE logos - "yay he got me an X-POLE -  phew!" 

Yeah - no.

Last year an imitation pole (that claimed to have a load rating of 300kgs) snapped mid-performance. The pole dancer was severely injured and may never walk again because she fractured her pelvis & spine. 

The organisers of the event thought they had purchased an X-POLE. This was because MANY of the fakes use our images.

Authorities do nothing to protect consumers, or brand owners in this regard - so it is up to you, to do your research and choose a safe pole.

Be very careful as the quality of a fake dance pole is NOT the same. One of the biggest safety issues our industry faces right now is the lack of safety standards for poles. Moves are increasingly more acrobatic, poles are taking more force; there has been an influx of fake X-POLES that are completely inadequate to sustain this force.

ebay dance pole

Many of these imitation dance poles look the same as our products and most people do not know the difference. ASK US if you are unsure!

  • Fake domes are often plastic, chromed to look like metal.
  • The bearings are insufficient for sideways force.
  • The screw-thread joins are push-fit not welded, and worse - the fake sellers are claiming rating loads of 300kgs, which is completely untested, unverified and impossible given the quality of the product.

This should be illegal, but it's not. There are zero safety standards.

what happens on a fake pole?

Please educate your fellow polers, your partners, family & students and ask them to let their friends know - they are better to hire a pole or buy second hand (if on a budget), and we will always verify if poles are genuine X-POLE.

Fake poles have caused permanent serious injury overseas.

If that happens in Australia, insurance will become unaffordable across for any pole related businesses and this affects our whole industry. 

Help us safeguard consumers, polers and our pole industry. Warn people about the dangers of fake poles.

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Want a genuine X-POLE? 

Visit our site or go to one of our stockists. Contact us if you have a fake pole to see what we can do to help.

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