X-PERT & X-SPORT (NE) Extensions

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Extensions for X-POLE Sets using X-JOINT's

Please be careful to choose the correct Width & Finish to match your set


These extension pieces are for (NX) X-Pert sets and (NS) X-Sport sets that were purchased after 1st April 2014 and feature the new style X-Joint with extended key (NJ).

Also suited for the NEW (NXN) X-PERT & (PX) PRO XPERT sets.

If you require an extension for a set purchased prior to April 2014 please be aware this model extension is now no longer available. There are no screw threads on these extension pieces. 



A 125mm and 250mm extension are included in our XPERT & Sports Sets. Optional extensions are available in 125, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 750 & 1000mm sizes *Not all sizes in the pictures above are available*

PLEASE NOTE: if ordering an extension that will be ADDED to the existing extensions in your set, you may need to purchase an extra X-JOINT as well to connect the poles together if you require more than x3 X-Joint's. Please contact our sales office on 02 9589 2645 if you need clarification on this.

IF YOU'RE USING ALL YOUR EXTS & YOU'RE ONLY 50-200mm SHORT - please note the 125mm ext in your kit will NOT work with any additional extension 200mm and under, as these only have one hole for the X-Joint. You would need to replace the 125mm with an extension that incorporates both lengths (the 125mm & the required length). Call us if this is confusing before you order, as we can't refund shipping costs for items that are incorrectly chosen.


Use the height chart below for your model XPERT Set to work out what extensions you need. You can find this here ---> Height Charts


Remember! The less joints the better, always use a longer extension in preference to multiple shorter extensions if possible.






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4 Reviews

Simone Willis 22nd Jul 2020

500mm ext

Perfect extension if your roof is just on 9ft or a little over. Makes for less winding of the A Pole and a much more secure mount. Fast and reliable shipping always.

Ionee 7th Dec 2015

Perfect parts for perfect pole

Standard Xpert 45mm was around 5mm too short for out high ceilings. Ordered an extra 250mm extension and she now fits beautifully and is safe and secure. Fast past. Excellent packaging. No extra joints or parts required. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.

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