Dancing Pole Set: X-POLE X-SPORT Removable Static pole

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X-POLE is the leading pole brand world-wide. The most popular fitness and dance pole in the world, the original static SPORTS pole!


The SPORT pole is a static/non-spinning only pole.

So easy to set up you don’t even need a ladder! Height adjustable, with no permanent fixings


  • Static/non-spinning mode only
  • Pressure mounted pole that fits heights between 2235mm (7′ 4″) to 2745mm (9′)
    • The sets comes standard with x1 125mm and x1 250mm extensions
  • Available in Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Powder Coat (Black & Pink) finishes and in 40mm & 45mm diameters
  • Easy to install and user friendly
  • Perfect for starting your pole journey
  • Safe, sturdy and full instruction manuals/instructional videos available
  • Disassembled quickly for easy storage and transport
    • Carry case included
  • No screws, bolts or drilling needed to set up the SPORT range of poles
  • Safe for renters!
  • 18 Month Local Warranty (on sets purchased with Australia Only)


For static and spinning poles, check out the XPERT and XPERT Pro.




There are some checks which you should do on a regular basis to maintain the longevity of your X-POLE:

  1. Visual check: Is the pole level & straight – if no, ascertain if the pole is tight – see Check Tightness of Adjuster Rod below.

  2. If you have a ceiling dome – these are intended primarily to be used in domestic situations where the poles need to be removable. If you are using the poles in a commercial context i.e. a pole studio, you need to have the domes fixed in some way to the ceiling to ensure complete stability. This can be done with a ceiling plate – the ceiling plate is a permanent fixture which will prevent any movement of the Upper Dome when using multi-piece poles over 3350 mm/11 ft.

  3. Check your X-Joints, fully loosen off both sides, then tighten evenly, little by little on each side as per your instructions. It is important to tighten the screws progressively – alternating between the screws, tightening clockwise. This will ensure the pressure is equalised within the pole tubes.

  4. Clean your pole with straight metho or if its silicone, order your silicone pole cleaner here 

  5. Spin Static lock - Take out the spin/static screws – check for any rounding. If the screws are rounded out, replace immediately. Remember to fully insert the allen key (keeping it straight) into the screw before adjusting, as not doing so causes the screws to round out.

  6. Check Tightness of Adjuster Rod - Put pole to static. Undo adjuster screws and tighten if necessary. Due to movement, temperature, carpets, subsidence, etc. – you need to ensure that the tightness of your poles are adjusted over time. There may be no movement at all – however it is important to check each pole. It is important that you are able to loosen & tighten the adjuster yourself, without using tools or 'muscle-men'.


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14 Reviews

Ashleigh 15th Oct 2020


fast delivery, easy to install. Very sturdy and i feel super safe on it :) Next will invest in a spin pole!

Laura 31st Jul 2020

Sturdy and Safe - But Consider Buying a Spin Pole

The pole was surprisingly easy to install, and has not damaged the floor or roof (which is perfect because I am in a rental). Have had no issues with stability, and the pole is great quality. The instructions were not very clear and had mistakes in them, but the how to install video was easy to follow. I somewhat regret buying this one rather than spending more and getting one that could change to a spin pole if needed.

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