Choose your X-STAGE Insert Poles (NST03) Dance Poles for your Portable Stage Base

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 40mm Chrome

 40mm Powdercoated Black

 45mm Silicone Black

 45mm Stainless Steel

 45mm Powdercoated Pink

 50mm Chrome

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X-POLE already led the pole fitness industry with the most advanced SPORT, XPERT, COMPETITION & STAGE poles, and we now feel that we have been able to integrate that most advanced engineering developments into our range to further propel the product into mainstream fitness. 

A revolutionary advancement in technology has lead to X-POLE designing new, slimmer pole inserts for X-STAGE and X-STAGE lite, there are also improvements to the X-Joint technology, bearing unit and carry cases. 

There are poles in 40mm, 45mm or 50mm diameter and are available for purchase now!!

(NST) X-Stage poles to go with your (NST) X-STAGE base - choose from any width, any finish - with new finishes in development - X-STAGE is the only professional grade Stage pole designed for stability, safety utilising the patented X-JOINT technology.

Mix & match your poles according to what you want to train for. After all it is your pole... your stage... your way!

X-STAGE NEW GENERATION STAGE BASE - From the makers of the world's favorite Portable poles - a free-standing pole on a stage base.

Professional Grade quality Stage-Poles for Polers that put safety above 'novelty' factor.

These inserts are for the (NST) Stage Bases w/ New Generation bearing units only.



Choose: from a full podium or low-profile (Lite) base, and then purchase an insert pole available in your favourite widths & finishes.

Start with one & purchase additional poles for the one base over time... more options & more opportunity for you to learn to use a variety of poles - all from the one investment!


X-POLE: Your Pole.... Your Stage..... Your Way

The X-STAGE Base comes with custom carry case with wheels & handle, 6 floor plates (with their own carry cases) and your instructions. 

"Requirements such as – portability, ease of transportation, easy to set up, large circular dance area with no corners or sharp edges, static and spinning functions, multi piece pole tube, hi-stability for use without weight for anything but extreme moves and the most important of all, value for money – have all been met with X-Stage."

"Supplied with everything needed X-Stage assembly takes only a few minutes and is simplicity itself..."

Our stage poles are superb - 3m inserts so you have a beautiful high pole to dance on without being resticted to a short pole. If you want to use your pole in a smaller room, simply purchase a CX extension at the needed length - see the listing here to work out what height you need: CX (NE) Extensions - compatible with NST stage poles. Again, if you have any questions, contact us at sales@x-pole.com.au - we're here to help!

Please note: XSTAGE insert poles do not come with the stage base. This product contains stage pole, x-joint and bearing unit only.

All you need to do is choose your base, add it to your cart & choose the pole you want to go with it....More flexibility, design your own pole & train your way. 

To assemble: Remove from the carry cases, expand the main frame, lock the stage floor sections in place, insert the main pole, tighten retaining screw, add the extension pole, tighten the screw and your ready to dance – it really is that quick and simple!

So, less than 5 minutes from arrival to dancing and even better, the only tool you need is a hex key and that’s supplied! 


Now more than ever, X-POLE offers you options to pole... your way! 



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2 Reviews

Ksenia 15th Nov 2017

Great Great Great POLE!

Very pleased with the X-Stage lite and pole with chrome finish! One of the best investments I have made in life!
Great quality, very steady, great and clear instructions!
I had to wait for a while because Australian store was out of stock and they had to ship it from States. It was definitely worth the wait!
Now I can pole at home with extension or outside with the full 3m pole. How Amazing that is!
I cannot be any happier!
Thank you X-Pole, you made my dream come true.

14th Jun 2016

xpole stage

Delivered with in 7 days all parts , easy to install working perfectly , could not be happier .

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