Choose your X-STAGE Insert Poles (NST03) Dance Poles for your Portable Stage Base

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NST03 Model Pole Inserts For X-Stage Base Only


 X-POLE already led the pole fitness industry with the most advanced SPORT, XPERT, COMPETITION & STAGE poles, and we now feel that we have been able to integrate those advanced engineering developments into our range to further propel the product into mainstream fitness. 

X-STAGE is the only professional grade Stage pole designed for stability, safety utilising the patented X-JOINT technology that puts safety above the 'novelty' factor. Our advancement in pole technology has lead X-POLE to designing new, slimmer pole inserts for X-STAGE Podium and X-STAGE Lite.

This particular model (NST03) X-Stage pole inserts are to go with your (NST03) X-STAGE Podium or Lite base.

Our stage poles are superb - 3m inserts so you have a beautiful high pole to dance on without being restricted to a short pole. If you want to use your pole in a smaller room, simply purchase a CX extension at the needed length - see the listing here to work out what height you need: CX (NE) Extensions - compatible with NST stage poles. Again, if you have any questions, contact us at sales@x-pole.com.au - we're here to help!

 Please note: XSTAGE insert poles do not come with the stage base. This product contains stage pole insert, x-joint and bearing unit only.



 These inserts are for the (NST) Stage Bases w/ New Generation bearing units only.

Choose: from Chrome, Stainless steel, Brass, Powder Coated pick/black/white and silicone pink or black- in either 40mm or 45mm (silicone only available in 45mm)

Start with one & purchase additional different pole inserts for the one base over time... more options & more opportunity for you to learn to use a variety of poles - all from the one investment!


X-POLE: Your Pole.... Your Stage..... Your Way

So, less than 15 minutes from arrival to dancing and even better, the only tool you need is a hex key and that’s supplied! 

Now more than ever, X-POLE offers you options to pole... your way! 



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2 Reviews

Ksenia 15th Nov 2017

Great Great Great POLE!

Very pleased with the X-Stage lite and pole with chrome finish! One of the best investments I have made in life!
Great quality, very steady, great and clear instructions!
I had to wait for a while because Australian store was out of stock and they had to ship it from States. It was definitely worth the wait!
Now I can pole at home with extension or outside with the full 3m pole. How Amazing that is!
I cannot be any happier!
Thank you X-Pole, you made my dream come true.

14th Jun 2016

xpole stage

Delivered with in 7 days all parts , easy to install working perfectly , could not be happier .

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