XST Original X-STAGE Insert Poles (MUST have an XST Base)

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***If you are buying a new X-Stage base this is the wrong insert pole - these poles are not compatible with the new X-Stage bases and are for X-Stage bases purchased prior to 2013 only***

***If you buy this insert pole with a new (NST) X-Stage base you will NOT be able to use them together. For new insert poles please see this listing: Choose your X-STAGE Base (NST03) Choose your Dance Pole Stage Bases for your Portable Dance Pole Insert***


A revolutionary advancement in technology has lead to X-POLE designing new, slimmer pole inserts for X-STAGE and X-STAGE lite. 

These are poles in 40mm, 45mm or 50mm diameter and are available for purchase now*!!

Original X-Stage poles to go with your Original X-STAGE base - choose from any width, any finish - with new finishes in development - X-STAGE is the only professional grade Stage pole designed for stability, safety utilising the patented X-JOINT technology.
Mix & match your poles according to what you want to train for. After all it is your pole... your stage... your way!

XSTAGE insert poles do not come with the stage base. This product contains stage pole, x-joint and bearing unit only.
These inserts come with the "Original bearing units" as pictured below & are compatible with all X-stages sold 2008-early 2013.

Please call us if you are unsure :) 
All you need to do is choose your base, add it to your cart & choose the pole you want to go with it....
More flexibility, design your own pole & train your way. 
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