X-POLE Stock Shortages.... I just want my pole!!!

So, 2019 will be awesome. We know this. There is a buzz in the pole world with exciting projects, collaborations and shows coming up. At X-POLE we will not only be at The Arnold in Melbourne in March with the Pole Championship Series sending one lucky poler to rep our Nation in Ohio at the World PCS comp, but we are also teaming up with Shoe Me for one of the biggest Pole & Aerial playgrounds ever seen at an Australian Fitness show in Sydney in April. All the big names, poling for days, scaring people with the height of their heels & the size of their biceps...SUPER EXCITING!!

But for now, we are still in 2018. The year we will forever term "The year of the Global Pole Shortage". Global? Yes. It's not just our Aussie polers that have been struggling to buy their fave pole. There have been shortages across all markets. We promise its not that we don't want to sell you poles, we are not horrendous planners, we are not being deliberately mean... its just in life (and pole) sometimes big stuff happens that can't be planned for. 

You may or may not know (depending on who you know), that this year, shortly after the X-POLE factory reopened after CNY, the Government advised that the factory needed to move. They had less than a month.
Moving a house, BIG. Moving a business, a year's planning. Moving an entire Factory with no notice, seriously hectic! 

We are so grateful to the UK and Head Office team for managing the production as they have done, to fairly distribute the stock that was being produced since the move. It would have been super easy for the bigger UK & US markets to swallow up all the stock that has been produced in this time, and they'd still be needing more. However they have continued to send stock to Australia, NZ, and the other smaller affiliates wherever possible. 

Its been hard. Some items went out of stock in January, and we expected we'd have them in our April shipment, but this move happened and stock shortages happened. Some of you guys have been waiting over 6 months.

For our beautiful, supportive, loyal customers to wait so very long for your poles - we LOVE you!! For all the very angry people that ring and yell at us - we understand - we'd yell too! But one thing we'd please ask you to not do, is to yell at the studio owners & businesses that usually stock our products. If we can't get it, they can't get it! 

The factory is slowly recovering & getting back to normal production capacity. Like I said 2019 will be AWESOME. 

We have soooooo much stock on order for you guys. It's beginning to trickle through now, with our next container presale opening just after the Black Friday sales. If you want something WAITLIST FOR IT NOW! 
The best way is to go to our cart, and select the width/finish etc - then if we don't have it choose "Notify Me" and add your email. Then make sure we are in your safe senders list. After Black Friday weekend, check the FB page, check your emails, because last time we opened advance orders, we sold out in less than 48 hours on our best selling lines. 

2018 has been a hard one - but we've managed to still support Aussie comps big & small, to stay committed to sponsoring/supporting the fantastic editorial work done by Australian Pole Dance Magazine & we've continued our work in raising awareness about pole safety & fake/unsafe counterfeit poles. We've also been learning, studying, looking at our processes & customer service & our networks. Let me just say we have so many big plans & we are PUMPED for next year.

2019 we will have stock, we will have a nation full of incredibly happy polers dancing on their favorite piece of X-POLE aerial or pole equipment, and we have some super exciting new things on the radar... 

Rough years always prepare you for exciting new times. We've had the time this year to plan big things & we can't wait for you to be a part of our 2019 X-POLE world ... watch this space!