X-POLE Presale Hot tips

Our pre-sales can be very exciting! But to ensure you have the best experience possible we have shared with you our top secret 'hot tips' to ensure you have a smooth buying process and don't miss out! 


If you don't have one already: create a customer account BEFORE Monday night & be logged in ready to go before 8pm.

Go to your preferred product page, ready to add to cart when the stock is set to LIVE.

We do sell out fast. Be ready ahead of time so you don't lose time typing your email address into a box!!




Know what you want, but have a back up plan!

Our 40mm Brass sold out in 12 mins last time... so have a list of other finishes & widths & models that you'd like.

Read this blog ahead of time so you know what you are shopping for - especially the additional page on choosing your widths & finishes




Measure your ceiling height in mm & check for ceiling joists before you buy!!

If you are buying a floor to ceiling set (X-PERT or Sports model) you will find manuals, height charts & information on permanent mounts here on this support page (in the link).

Once you know your desired model (see Hot tip #2) simply scroll to the right product in the link below to find all the information you need regarding install & height charts.

NS is a Sports pole

NX is an X-PERT set

PX is an X-PERT Pro setIf your ceiling is over 2.7m high, you will need an extension piece for these sets.

The height charts will be your friend.


*If we are out of stock on your desired extension piece:

you can use ANY finish with your set so long as it's the same width (excluding silicone) e.g. no chrome? then go for stainless or powdercoat.

study the height chart for parts that come with the set.If we sell out of a 500mm; can you use an extra 250mm with the one that comes in the set instead?

If you need a 750mm to use with your existing 250mm... can you just buy a 1000mm instead? Play with the maths - it is colour coded on the height chart to help you work out options.

** Remember: You can just order your set & email us afterwards to look at options for various extensions if it gets too confusing. The objective is to get your order locked in & paid for, as the cart doesn't 'reserve' or hold stock unless it's paid.



Buying an X-Stage?

Stages are a great way to mix up your training. The fully portable bases, can be used just about anywhere. As the inserts are sold separately, you have the ability to own several different pole inserts in different widths & finishes.

However when buying a stage insert - we recommend you still measure your indoor ceiling height.

If it is under 3150mm you will need an extension tube to use instead of your upper (Bpole) pole tube.

The way to work out your desired extension piece:

Your ceiling height in mm Minus 1600mm = the space you have for an extension in mm

Choose an extension piece at (or just below) this remaining height, to give you the maximum length of pole to play on indoors.

Remember stages are bulky. Think sturdy = safer.

Stages are not designed to be left outdoors or subject to the elements. Find a space for your stage BEFORE it arrives.

If you are concerned about space - go for an X-PERT set instead of a stage. They are fully removable, a pro-grade pole designed for renters; you don't need ceiling fixings (no hooks or screws), and they are much more portable & compact

If you are just buying a new Pole insert for your older stage base: please read our blog on identifying your stage




Add extra items to your cart BEFORE 8pm

Arrive early to our site, to browse for extra essentials... before you add your pole.

Pay one lot of shipping by being organised! Once you've created your customer account or logged in; you can start to shop for grip aids, hot-pants, foam rollers, moisturizers, extension pieces, DVDs, callous balms, massage balls, gradual tanner, resistance bands and more, all BEFORE 8pm.

That way, when the products go LIVE you won't miss out on securing your order at 8pm because of any fun distractions.

Bundling your purchases with your set will definitely save you on shipping, but remember - "extras before 8, don't be late!"