What do you get the Poler that has everything for X-Mas?

Stuck on gift ideas for yourself, family or friends?

Never fear... we have 12 awesome gift ideas for X-MAS that will not disappoint!

1.The Pole PT Book

Let them geek out of the anatomy of Pole dance!

This one is a GREAT idea <3

**Note these items are pre-order for shipping in Jan 2021

Pole PT Book

2.Enviro Grip 

Reduce sweat, improve grip & conserve the environment!

Enviro Grip

3.Kristy Sellars 'Key to Choreography'

Australia's Got Talent Winner 2019, Kristy Sellars shares her secrets to planning the perfect performance 

The Key to Choreography

4. Pole Physics - they'll thankyou later!

Keep that summer glow going using a Gradual tanning lotion that won't effect your poling -Yes please!!

Pole Physics - Gradual Tanner

5.'Get That Grip' Pack

3 easy steps to better grip! A poler can never have too many grip aids

Get That Grip pack

6.Gift Certificate 

Have no idea about this 'pole stuff'? - Let them choose exactly what they want :)

Gift Certificates

7.Slimline Kneepads - For all that floor work!

PoledancerKA slimline 'no tack'' knee pads for all that floor work 

Available in Black & Nude!

Knee Pads 

8. Pilates Bundle

Poler or Aerialists passionate about dedicating time to improving their strength and mobility.

This pack includes a Pilates ring, foam roller & functional fitness flat yoga band!

Pilates Bundle

9.Rip Fix 

the ideal product for hands damaged from pole or aerials. It helps maintain good calluses, aids against tearing, takes the sting out of rips and speeds up recovery. Nearly every poler, aerialist, gym and fitness enthusiast has had calluses and torn skin.

Rip Fix

10.LUXE Commercail Grade Gym Mat

Gives extra traction and protection on hard training surfaces

LUXE Gym Mat

11. Hand Master Plus

What else helps with grip strength for pole class...building grip strength!

Available in 3 variations -Soft, Medium or Firm


12.A-Frame & Accessories 

If they already have an A-Frame give them a new toy to play with?

We have Yoga hammocks/slings, silks and lyra's available in all colors and sizes!

A-Frames & Accessories

And of course an X-POLE!

Removable pole for home or an X-Stage you can take literally anywhere!

*Note these items are pre-order for shipping in Jan 2021

Pole Sets & Stages

Order Now for dispatch before X-MAS!