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Please be aware there are no returns, exchanges or refunds on any clearance items. 

All these parts are clearance stock, priced well below cost. 


Extensions for X-POLE Sets using XJ X-JOINT's. Please be careful to choose the correct metal & joint type.

***IMPORTANT*** - These extension pieces are for X-Pert sets that purchased between 2010 and March 2014 that use an X-Joint join (XX). There are no screw threads on these extension pieces. These are NOT compatible with (NX) model X-Pert sets sold after April 2014 unless you also purchase an X-Joint adaptor available here: X-JOINT Adaptor (Key to Pin) 200mm (NJA) - note: you may need more than one Adaptor, if you are unsure please contact us at sales@x-pole.com.au. For extensions that are compatible with (NX) model X-Pert sets, see here: New X-PERT & X-SPORT (NE) Extensions

IF YOU'RE USING ALL YOUR EXTS & YOU'RE ONLY 50-200mm SHORT - please note the 125mm ext in your kit will not work with any additional extension 200mm and under, as these only have one hole for the X-Joint. You would need to replace the 125mm with an extension that incorporates both lengths (the 125mm & the required length). Call us if this is confusing before you order, as we can't refund shipping costs for items that are incorrectly chosen.

Height Chart and Extension Selection
Using the full allowed length of the bottom adjuster and both of the extensions included in the X-PERT set, your pole will fit ceilings from 2235mm  to 2735mm.

Any further increase in height will require additional extensions.

The poles can be used with ceilings up to 3370mm using the standard upper support dome and optional extensions (purchased separately). Additional extensions and other optional installation parts can be purchased from your supplier or the X-POLE website. For ceiling heights over 3370mm it is compulsory to use a ceiling plate or permanent ceiling mount. Email us at for more info sales@x-pole.com.au

Use the height chart below to work out what length of extension you need - the less joints the better, always choose an extension that will mean your pole will have as few joints as possible.







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12 Reviews

Ciara 30th Dec 2017

Amazing customer service!

The quality easily met expectations (we all know xpole has the best!) but it was the customer service team that truly went above and beyond! I had been waiting for months for the part I needed to come in stock but once I emailed the team they had a list of alternatives.
I paid for my extension (the last one in stock) but it got lost in the mail - so they UPGRADED my part to the newer version and sent me the joint converter for FREE with express shipping.
Couldn’t be more pleased or impressed. Thank you!!

Mia 26th Jul 2016

xpole extension

my extension has been great and the service from xpole was really good - it arrived within a few days

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