Strength: Pole Fitness LVL6 Resistance Band 41" - Strong

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 - Dimensions: 41" 

- Band Resistance: 27 - 68 kgs
- Uses: Warm-ups, Stretching, Combining with Heavy or Robust Bands, Endurance Training
- Color: Blue
- Material: Natural latex rubber

The Strong Band is the beefcake of bands. It is 2.5" in width and provides 60-150 lbs. (27-68 kg) of resistance. Hang this band from the pullup bar for a generous pull-up assist boost or for suspended inversions. These pullup assist bands are recommended for adults >250 lbs. The substantial tension also makes this band a viable option for supercharging weighted squats by adding 200+ lbs. of elastic ascending resistance throughout your range of motion when using one of these burly bands on either end of a barbell.

2.5" wide x 41" long (64mm x 1m), the strong band provides 100-140 lbs (45-63 kg) of resistance. Supercharge weighted squats by adding 200 lbs of elastic ascending resistance [when using a pair].
Or hang it from the pullup bar for assisted pullups.


Unlike most bands, which are made in a large factory and casted as a solid piece of rubber, our exercise resistance bands are made of premium Sri Lankan latex and crafted through a multi-layering process, like the way a roll of tape is wound up.


RBBAN-006 03
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