Rubberbanditz Pole Booty Band 12" - Robust

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12" Booty Band  - Robust 

Helping power lifters shatter records and make monumental strides in performance for over 10 years, power bands have been an essential tool for many modern day Goliaths to help overcome training plateaus and test their ultimate strength. Twelve inches in length and resistance ranging from 40-80 lbs (13-36 kg), this band is completely customizable to your needs

The Perfect Complement

For well over a decade, powerlifting bands have been a fundamental training tool for many of the world’s strongest lifters.

Powerlifting bands offer an accommodating resistance throughout your entire muscle contraction while helping to minimize sticking points (ex: the lowest point of banded deadlifts, squats or bench press) and aid in pushing through the lockout segment, which are often the weakest parts of many lifts.

As you flex and extend through your range of motion the bands challenge you with increasing resistance. This provides a perfect compliment to your body's natural strength curve, by complimenting your muscles as they produce greater force.

This 12" length is convenient to setup over pins or band pegs to get the appropriate amount of tension. If you are new to lifting, lock in your form first and don’t get too aggressive with tension to start out.


Banded deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, squats, shrugs, stretching/mobility, lateral slides, lunges, pull-aparts, rehab/prehab

Warning: All 12 inch bands should not be stretched more than 40 inches.

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1 Review

metooBee 7th May 2018

My Booty band

Just what I needed to make my squats almost impossible. These bands are incredible for training on the go, yes I'm doing squats at lunchtime in the office bathrooms haha. Thanks guys - great product!

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