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- Bands Resistance Range: 5-100 lbs [2-45 kg] 
- Uses: Shoulder Mounts, Deadlifts, Iron x, Spotting Assistance, Stretching, High Rep Exercises, Assisted Pull-Ups
- Colors: Neon: Yellow, Red, Cobalt Teal, Pink, Green
- Material: Natural Latex Rubber

 This full training kit is complete with every resistance level needed to customize each exercise. The ProMax Training Kit was designed to fully equip the serious athlete with a platform to make aggressive training gains. Each band has a unique continuum of resistance and can be used alone or paired with others for building maximum strength, stamina, stability and flexibility. You'll find the red MEDIUM BAND and yellow LIGHT BANDS are useful for warming up, stretching, joint mobility, and combining for assisted bodyweight training with the three heavier bands in the set.

We recommend a set of bands for three reasons:

1) You can optimize the amount of resistance needed. Example: Try your first set with the HEAVY BAND, then one set with the ROBUST BAND, then one set with the ROBUST + MEDIUM BAND as you fatigue.

2) The set creates a fitness a toolbox and enables you to do more exercises. Example: the HEAVY and ROBUST BANDS are great when combined, but the LIGHT BAND alone is perfect for arm circles to warm up your shoulders before getting on the pole.

3) As you get stronger you can graduate to a different band. Example: Let's assume you were finally able to hold your Iron-X with the ROBUST BAND. Now it's time to train with just the HEAVY BAND.

How are our bands different?

Unlike most bands, which are made in a large factory and casted as a solid piece of rubber, our exercise resistance bands are made of premium Sri Lankan latex and crafted through a multi-layering process, like the way a roll of tape is wound up.

Why should you care?

Because the layering property helps keep you safe. Each band is can stretch 2.5 times its resting length. This means that they a) stretch further b) last longer c) give warning as they wear out by unpeeling instead of snapping on impact. For this reason we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our equipment. If at any point you are unsatisfied just send us back your band(s) and we'll refund or replace them with no questions asked.

*Each band is 41" (104 cm) in length and is made 99% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens).

Product Disclaimer: Our premium bands are made from natural rubber latex which is over 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens). Effects of use by people with latex sensitivity is unknown and not recommended.

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