Pilates: Comfit Foam Roller - 90cm CYLINDER

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Comffit Foam Rollers Round - 90cm x 15cm

Self-Massage, Pilates & Exercise Tool

Comffit Foam Rollers are the choice of Australian health practitioners.

They provide a huge range of physical training and recovery benefits and can be used for the rehabilitation of soft tissue complaints. Regular use can also improve your circulation and blood flow, develop balance and flexibility, and improve muscle function & dynamic strength. Return your stiff and sore muscles to normal function elastic, healthy, and ready to perform!

  • Great for treatment & rehabilitation of soft tissue
  • Add complexity & difficulty to your exercise routines . Improve balance & core stability
  • Release stiff and sore muscles
  • Warm up for a Pilates session
  • Warm down after sport or gym
  • Release stiff & sore muscles
  • Add complexity & difficulty to your exercise routines
  • Improve balance & core stability
Floor Exercises

Comffit Foam Rollers can be used to create an 'unstable platform' during floor exercises such as push ups, planks, lunges, and sit-ups

  • Use two or more rollers at the same time to increase difficulty
  • Complementary to other exercise equipment such as exercise bands, tubing, weights and exercise balls.
Pre & Post Pole Stretching

Use to assist with stretching and to extend stretching capabilities including hamstrings, flexors, lats, etc

Why choose Comffit Foam Rollers?

  • Highest quality EVA for longer product life
  • Resists becoming deformed over time
  • Perfect density for comfort & massage

Pilates Foam Rollers have become an essential element in the set of equipment required for complete functional training. Their use has been integrated with Swiss Balls, allowing for a wider range of exercises and program's for building core strength. When used in conjunction with a ball, the foam roller is an additional platform of instability, which forces the exerciser to draw upon their abdominal and surrounding muscles to remain stable while exercising.


Diameter: - 90 X 15cm BLACK


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