Perfectly Pink "Recovery" Bundle

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Sore? This Perfectly Pink bundle will sort you out.

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The best in tools to help you stretch & massage out those sore muscles. Conveniently you can also use them for stability, stretch & strength training, or just a post workout wind-down. 


9.5cm Allcare Spikey Massage Ball which has been designed with protruding nodules, which can help increase blood flow helping to decrease muscle tension. They are ideal for the back, neck and feet and can be used by a wide range of professionals for varying applications. 

7.5cm LOUMET CROSS FIT Ball - Great for releasing tension in tight muscles while easily rolling through muscle chains. Target areas include lower & upper back, shoulders, legs & feet. A fantastic tool to simulate therapeutic massage before & after exercise.

90cm Allcare Foam Rolleran excellent way to develop balance, coordination, body awareness, flexibility and dynamic strength. Various exercises can be performed by standing, sitting and lying. Made of high density eva foam. You can use for soft tissue work, stretching, massage, stability exercises, core strengthening, injury prevention. Used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs, pilates or yoga. Strong enough to be used by large adults. Can be used alone or with other exercise equipment such as resistance bands, tubing, weight and balls.

Rubberbanditz Resistance Band - Robust Resistance: (23-36 kg) 30mm x 104cm. Uses: Shoulder Mounts, Deadlifts, Iron x, Spotting Assistance, Stretching, Assisted Pull-Ups. Natural Latex Rubber. This is our most popular band for a reason. This Robust Band is an essential access point for all assisted pole training exercises. Fasten it to your pole or pullup bar and dramatically improve the quality and quantity of your: shoulder mounts, deadlifts, iron x', and assisted pull-ups. Or challenge those quads and bums by stepping inside the band for resisted squats. 

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