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Starting with raw 4m length pole dual lined studio poles/competition poles are purpose designed for commercial use.

Build-A-Pole can withstand the most extreme moves in any pole dancer’s repertoire and high frequency use in studios, teaching and competition environments. Build-A-Pole system is trusted by not only studio and gym owners, but also pole federations and competition organisers all over the world to provide safe and secure pole solutions.

Featuring dual lining technology we have developed the most technically advanced and durable pole system that has an additional steel inner tube - creating stability & superior strength to meet the rigours and trials of the modern pole studio, competitions and gyms with extremely long usage life.

In Australia these Dual-Lined poles are available in Stainless Steel and Brass in both 40mm & 45mm widths. Our hi-grade stainless is a premium finish that works well in humid conditions & is ideal for sensitive skin. Brass is a softer metal with more flex & superior grip.

For more information about finishes visit our blog post here

Customizing The Pole

Starting with the raw length 4m pole, the next step is working out whether you need to have your pole 'custom cut' to suit your space or whether you have the room to keep it at 4m long.  These poles are one piece poles so no joins or parts just a guaranteed smooth pole surface from top to bottom!

Each Studio pole require parts to be installed, depending on your space will depend on what parts you need but we are here to help advise what is best and safest for your studio!

All poles require the following fittings to be installed;

X-POLE studio poles - Your Pole - Your Way

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