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 A-frames can be used for training at home - Lyra, Aerial Yoga & low level silks. No hooks screws or ceiling fixings required!

 A-Frame’s can be used at home for Lyra practice, Aerial Yoga swings, with Yoga Hammocks or low-silks without the need for permanent rigging points in the ceiling. If you rent this is the perfect option for you! Train & increase your flexibility & strength.


Read more about Yoga Swings below. This price does not include ceiling fixings. With any aerial apparatus that is not being used with an A-Frame; ceiling fixings should always be installed by a qualified rigger. 

Yoga Swings


Practice a wide range of poses at home or outside with our X-POLE Yoga Swing.
The central support comfortably grips the pelvic area allowing stabilized movement while you stretch horizontally, vertically or fully inverted.
The six side handle grips give you a full range of motion in 360 degrees.
Lengthen and decompress your spine by hanging inversion.
Increase your core strength and flexibility.
Have fun without creating stress or impact in your joints.



Yoga Swing Components

Made from a breathable nylon parachute fabric. Washable and durable up to ten years with normal use. 

Hand Grips
To achieve greater grip the handles are made from black durable sponge foam. These grips are hand buffered at the edges to avoid any abrasion or snagging with the fabric.

Hooks and Height Adjustment

It is fast and simple to adjust the main swing seat and side handle grips from one level to another. The swing seat can be used in isolation or combined with the side handle grips. The swing seat can be completely removed and the grips used by themselves. Just slip the hooks to the knot at your preferred height and you are ready to go again. For height adjustment on either side there are four (4) separate stainless steel hooks attached at the ends of both the swing seat and the side handles.


Two (2) pre knotted full strength 6mm nylon ropes are included. They are both 100cm long and can be adjusted to your own specifications by moving the hooks up and down the knots at four separate height intervals.

Rope Protectors

Metal rope protectors are included for use when hanging the Yoga Swing from ceiling hooks. These protectors reduce abrasion and extend the lifecycle of your ropes.

Two (2) adjustable sliders keep the fabric neat and in place while you work. Move the sliders up and down according to your position so that you are comfortable; especially useful when you are inverted and want to wrap your feet around the fabric.


Yoga Swing Drawstring Cover Bags

Yoga Swings come with a drawstring cover / carry bag made from the same fabric as the swing itself. These cover bags enable easy storage or packing of swings, ropes and handles. 



All Yoga Styling Yoga Swings are hand made at our workshops on the island of Bali. Each swing is tested by YogaStyling for strength and integrity. All our products are subject to close and scrupulous quality control during all stages of production and packing.

Weight When packed into their drawstring cover bags, Yoga Styling Yoga Swings weigh 1.5 kilogram’s or less.


Yoga Swing Science

Once you learn how to move with the Yoga Swing you will intuitively discover your own swing dynamics. With use you will develop your core body strength and find the Yoga Swing more and more versatile. The power and dexterity running through the centerline of your body will become enhanced and you will find yourself becoming stronger and more flexible through time. As you develop your own strength and flexibility, so the Yoga Swing experience becomes more fascinating and much more fun! Continual use of the Yoga Swing will show fantastic long term benefits. It awakens your spine, releases the tension in your joints, ligaments and muscles and releases your energy and vitality. For many forms of back pain and muscular tension the Yoga Swing is of tremendous therapeutic benefit. Gravity releases the pressure between discs and allows muscles to lengthen.
Every posture you hold will be assisted by the movement of the Yoga Swing, with the aid of gravity. Practice with control and balance is the aim. Gradually you will become more aware of your centre of gravity. The breath is linked to motion. As you contract or come up from a sit up or an extension where the muscles are contracting and tightening this is the exhale phase. The inhale is any motion that is a release of the pause or hold of the exercise. The breath is held for as long as you can until you feel a flush of blood to the body or brain and you get the vibe it is time to release. Enjoy your Yoga Swing and take the time to work your body gently into a routine that will be constantly improving and enhancing your health, strength, flexibility and wellbeing.

Set Up
Yoga Swing Dimensions

Centre Section Length - 240cm
Centre Section Width - 130cm
First Handle Fabric Length - 20cm
Second Handle Fabric Length - 65cm
Third Handle Fabric Length - 135cm
Standard Ropes - 100cm
Yoga Swing Carry Bag - 30cm x 25cm
Metal Rope Protectors - 5cm x 3cm
Handles - 11cm
Sliders - 3cm x 1.5cms

Set up your Yoga Styling Yoga Swing in just a couple of minutes.
Set up your Yoga Swing in your home or outside.
You can use ceiling hooks to attach to support beams, hang it from existing structures, trees, porches, at the gym or studio, wherever there is space and you feel comfortable. Remember to select or create a forgiving surface beneath.
If you are employing ceiling hooks or bolts please install with caution. These fittings will need to take more than your full weight while you are in motion. We advise professional installation of any such weight bearing fittings.
If you are simply wrapping the ropes around an existing beam, branch or bar be sure that it is sturdy enough.
When you select a horizontal support make sure that it is at least thirty (30) centimeters higher than the top of your head.
The ropes included with your swing are for the adjustment system. You may also require additional rope to fit to beams or supports.
There are four (4) adjustable positions that you can hook the Yoga Swing side handles to. The side handles are most often placed on the top knot so that the lowest handle becomes a foot stirrup for sky walking and skiing exercises.
The ideal height for the centre section is most often hooked into the knots below the side handle hooks.
The lowest position is good for floor work, for example stretching the lumbar area or doing inverted shoulder stands.
Hanging free, the centre section should be about hip level.
When inverting, make sure your head is free of the floor. Adjust knots either up or down to the height that suits your objective.


Is it just for use in Yoga?

No. The Yoga Styling Yoga Swing is not only used in yoga disciplines. It's used to great effect for strength and flexibility training across all sports and activities. In fact, you can use your Yoga Swing as an antagonist to stretch, strengthen and improve core strength and performance in just about any sports discipline. Of course if you have simply had a long day at work and need to feel human again then spend twenty minutes stretching and inverting and you will be amazed at your own rejuvenative powers

Do I need to be flexible?
The Yoga Swing allows you to become more and more flexible and proficient through time. On either side are handles at three seperate levels. The Yoga Swing is a fantastic and fun way to strengthen every pose. Lightweight and portable the Yoga Swing will help you tone, strengthen and loosen your body. The Yoga Styling Yoga Swing will help with strength and flexibility to an enormous extent. You will notice a host of immediate and ongoing positive physical benefits; improved posture, relief of back pain, enhanced mobility, strengthening of body core and much more.

Is it OK for beginners?
No matter whether you are just starting out or an expert, the Yoga Styling Yoga Swing is an exciting way to create dynamic strength and flexibility. Forget the home exercise treadmill, forget the home gym, no need to go running in the rain, no need to lounge on the couch, put a Yoga Styling Yoga Swing in your home or your kit bag and hang it where ever you go.

Is it Portable?
For such a versatile and inexpensive item the Yoga Styling Yoga Swing is an excellent concept. You can hang it in a permanent setting or wrap it up into the drawstring carry bag and take it anywhere you like. You can use it inside or outdoors. It’s totally portable weighing approximately 1.5 kilograms and it takes just a minute or two to set up.

Can I use it as a hammock?
You can even use the centre section of the Yoga Swing as a hammock so work out or chill out, it's up to you! 

Where can I hang the Yoga Swing?
Indoors or outside, you can use the swing wherever you choose. Just be sure to secure it well on a beam, frame, tree etc and ensure you have a forgiving surface beneath, ideally a safety mat.

Is it easy to use?
If you are a beginner or an expert you can adjust your pose to suit your ability. If you are a beginner please be sure to work your way through your poses gently and give yourself time to understand you own limitations.

What if I feel dizzy when inverted?
Work your way through the poses gently and find your own limitations. Hanging upside down may not feel natural at first and of course blood will flow to the head, so take it easy and build up your capability over time.

Is The Yoga Swing Dangerous?
If you are going to use the Yoga Swing strenuously or hang upside-down and you have a pre-existing condition such as high blood pressure then do consult a medical professional first.
Work gently into understanding your physical limits so as not to injure yourself by overstretching. Ensure the yoga swing is well secured and pad the area beneath. Always put a cloth under the ropes where they meet another surface and check them regularly for abrasion.

The user accepts all risk and all liability while fitting and using the Yoga Styling Yoga Swing.
Always check the condition of the ropes, especially where they meet another surface or fitting.

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1 Review

30th Jul 2013

it was a gift

I bought this for my daughter in law as she loves yoga and also suffers a bad back. She loves it! My son also uses it for fitness training for climbing. I have an inversion table which is fantastic for my back and hips but the yoga swing is much more versatile.

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